Frequent answer

  • Where can I find the catalog, the homologation certificates, the user manual and the Russian certification?

    You can download all the aforementioned documents in PDF format from the download area of our website.

  • How to get login credentials for the download area?

    You can register here and we will send you an email with your access.

  • Can I mount the overspeed governor horizzontally, oblique or overturned?

    No. The overspeed governor must be in vertical position fixed to the floor or hang up and with 180° wrap angle on the pulley.

  • Which is the allowed operating temperature?

    The allowed operating temperature is -20 ° C / + 80 ° C; on request it is possible to supply products suitable for other temperatures. It is not possible to use the overspeed governor by installing it outdoors as it is exposed to bad weather and atmospheric agents that compromise its quality and functioning.

  • How is the standard overspeed governor supplied?

    The overspeed governor is supplied in the basic version including a 1NC contact with manual reset IP50 without any optional; when ordering it is necessary to specify each accessory required (protection cover, anti-creeping device, remote control, etc.).

  • Which are the rope tensioning values necessary to guarantee the correct functioning of the overspeed governor?

    See specific table in the homologation certificate of the product.

  • How can I test the overspeed governor?

    By using the test groove it reaches the tripping speed. Instead with remote control it can be tested at low speed or at nominal speed.

  • In what conditions are the declared static loads of the pulley supported?

    In order to maintain the declared loads, the conditions of use of the pulley must be the classic ones with 180 ° wrapping angle.

  • If the wrap angle is less than 180 °?

    It is necessary to communicate it in the order phase and the customer must make the necessary technical checks in order to ascertain the correctness of the installed bearings.

  • Which is the allowed operating temperature?

    The allowed operating temperature is -30 ° C / + 110 ° C. It is not possible to use the pulleys by installing them outdoor as they are exposed to bad weather and atmospheric agents that compromise their quality and functioning.

  • What is the angle of the semicircular grooves of standard return pulleys?

    It is 32°.

  • I’m using plastic-coated ropes, do I have to specify it?

    Yes, as it is necessary to communicate the angle of the groove and the grooves must not be painted.

  • What factors influence bearing life?

    Life of the bearings is always conditioned by the combination of the technical characteristics of the system: speed, load, frequency of use, tensioning and wrapping of the rope.

  • The pulley I will use will have large stresses on the bearings. Is it possible to use more performing bearings?

    Yes, it is possible to use roller bearings which guarantee a higher pulley life and better bearing performance.

  • What brand of bearing is provided?

    All pulleys are supplied with CFC or NTB bearings; on request with extracost they can be supplied by SKF or FAG.